Serious Gas Leak Results in Evacuations


A natural gas leak inside a single-family residence on Dogwood Drive resulted in the evacuation of almost a dozen homes in Jackson Saturday afternoon, November 10, 2012.  No one was home at the time of the incident.  Fire department personnel were called to the home at 1:16 p.m. by a representative of NJ Natural Gas Co. already on scene who advised arriving fire fighters that the home was full of gas, and that a serious gas leak was still in progress.  Station 55 Fire Chief Tim Carson stated “we used every precaution to lower the levels of gas in the house in a controlled, safe manner that included having JCP&L cut power to the neighborhood to reduce the risk of an explosion.”   Fire fighters and the gas company representative found that an uncapped gas line had been turned on in the basement resulting in a free flow of gas into the structure.  The ventilation process took almost five hours to complete.  There were no injuries.  The Jackson Police Department is investigating the circumstances that led to the leak.


Coldwell Banker Real Estate Office Building Fire During Nor’easter Athena

Fire fighters from Station 54, 55, 56, 57 and the Southard Fire Department 19-3 battled a building fire at the Coldwell Banker Realtor office located at 2052 West County Line Road on Thursday morning November 8, 2012 just before 6 a.m. during the nor’easter Athena winter storm.  While two engine companies 5541 and 5511 were committed around the corner at Metedeconk Trail and Brewers Bridge Road with primary wires down and burning in front of a residence and in proximity to a natural gas line, Assistant Chief Mike Waters 5510 with Assistant Safety Officer Nick Prioli 5580 responded from the Brewers Bridge job, established incident command, and reported a working fire, with fire showing on Sides A, D and the C/D corner.  Chief Carson 5500 sounded a second alarm from the storm control at Station 55.  There were live downed service wires from the fire building laying on the ground at the A/B corner.  Jackson Mills Engine 5421 laid all of their 5″ bed down County Line, and Tower Ladder 5505 picked up the 5″ and laid their own 5″ line in to the fire, in position for aerial attack as well as providing a 2 1/2″ hand line to the fire.  Since Engine 5521 with a crew was deployed to Brick Township to assist in the Hurricane efforts, Captain Ed Moore and the crew on Engine 5531 laid their 5″ line from Melody Lane down County Line in the opposite direction as 5505, and immediately supplied a 2 1/2″ hand line to the fire.  Crews alternated between the fire building and an adjacent exposure to 2050 West County Line.  Southard Fire Department’s Ladder Tower 19-3-90 was positioned across the street in the eastbound lanes of the divided highway and provided an aerial master stream, supplied by their pumper/tanker.  Southard 19-3 also provided a RIT team for the incident. Additional fire fighters were provided by Cassville Engine 5621 and Rescue 5503.  Jackson Mills Station 54 Rehab Trailer provided hot coffee and a place for fire fighters to warm up and rest.  A primary and secondary search of the building resulted in no occupants being located.  The quick attack stopped the progression of the fire from directly entering the two story section of the fire building, and also prevented interior damage to the exposure.  Only the siding melted of the exposure, and most of the one story section of the real estate office was destroyed.

The Ocean County Fire Marshal’s office investigated the fire and determined it to be caused by an over-current in the electrical system from the downed power lines.

There were no injuries.