Fire in Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation Shaft at Solo Bella Restaurant

A fire originating in a kitchen exhaust ventilation shaft at Solo Bella Restaurant on Chandler Road in Jackson caused minor damage but no injuries just before 3 p.m. on Friday September 21, 2012.

At the onset of the incident, fire could be seen coming from the roof ventilation system.  Two kitchen employees climbed up on the roof with a fire extinguisher prior to the arrival of the fire department.  Fire fighters from Jackson Mills Station 54 and Jackson Fire Station 55 responded and opened up the roof ventilation system and crawled into an attic space above the main floor to check for any extension of the fire.  Fortunately only a light smoke condition and high heat existed, which was promptly vented out by fire fighters.

“Damage was limited to the kitchen ceiling area and roof ventilation fan ” stated incident commander Assistant Chief Mike Waters. “It was great seeing the restaurant back in business with a full dining room of customers only hours after the fire” continued Waters.

As is customary, the Ocean County Health Department responded to the scene and following a thorough clean up from the fire, declared the establishment safe for food preparation.