Small Fire Extinguished By Fire Sprinkler System on Arcadia Court

One automatic fire sprinkler system activated in an apartment on Arcadia Court at 9:52 p.m. on Tuesday night, October 2, 2012 potentially stopping a larger, more costly fire.  Fire fighters from Stations 54, 55 and 57 were dispatched for a fire alarm at that address, and on arrival, found that the occupants in Building 11 had removed a flaming pizza box from an oven, which activated the sprinkler head.  The fire sprinkler put the fire out.  Although there was some water damage to the kitchen and carpet, the occupants were fortunate that the fire did not progress, and no injuries occurred.

Crews from Engine 5541, 5411, 5521 were on the scene handling the incident.  Engines 5511 and 5417 and Rescue 5503 stood by the event of other calls.  Chiefs Tim Carson 5500 and Bob Haskins 5400 were command officers.  Jackson Police and the Jackson First Aid Squad were also on the scene.