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Help Us Help You – Please shovel out your nearest hydrant!

Another big snowstorm — please help your fire department by shoveling out your nearest hydrant!

The volunteer firefighters of Station 55 were on duty around the clock at your local firehouses during the recent significant snowstorm of Friday, February 5 and Saturday, February 6. When the storms rage, your firefighters are out in force to help protect lives and property no matter the weather conditions. You can help your fire department by shoveling out the hydrants nearest your homes and businesses. This simple act helps firefighters find the hydrants faster — and also cuts down on the time that otherwise would be required to clear the hydrant first in the event of a fire. Seconds and minutes count!

Also, be sure to be careful with heating and cooking devices. If your carbon monoxide or smoke detectors alarm, call 911 and evacuate the structure to await the arrival of the fire department. Even in bad weather, we are there for you 365/24/7.

December 2009 Nor’easter delivers a bevy of activity

Station 55 members and their significant others were ready on Saturday, December 19 to enjoy a well-deserved evening of relaxation at the Company Christmas Party when the big snowstorm of 2009 changed all the plans.

Brush 5519 was made battle ready with additional 1 3/4″ hoseline and airpaks added to its equipment to facilitate response in poor weather conditions. The night started off with a CO call on Robert Terrace during the fierce snowstorm.  Captain Mike Waters and Engineer Mike Demitchik ran the call in 5519 with A/C Tim Carson in his 5510 4 WD chief’s vehicle. As the night progressed, the snowstorm became even stronger.  Chief Fatovic received a call from the Jackson First Aid stating their ambulance rigs were becoming stuck in the snow, requesting help from the fire department.  Utility 4 WD 5514 was fitted up for EMS duty and staffed with station EMT’s Nick Prioli and Jack Siedler.

As the night turned into early Sunday morning, a number of members slept in the station, and EMS runs were made for a woman in labor on I-195; and a for person who had collapsed after shoveling snow.  As Station 55 crews were helping get two ambulances out of the snow near Castle Ave., Ocean County Fire dispatched station 55 and 54 for a structure fire, possible entrapment at a house off Pfister Road.  Engine 5511 and A/C Tim Carson were first due from the main station, with A/C Carson locating the fire at a house about 200 feet off the road.  As he knocked the fire down with a water can, with the snow storm still raging, crews put an 1 3/4″ in service and extinguished a deck fire that was started by the homeowner placing hot coals from a fireplace on a wooden deck attached to the home. The night was topped off by a fire alarm call at Shop-Rite just before dawn.

Although Jackson received over two feet of snow, Station 55 volunteers were on the job — responding through difficult weather conditions and getting it done.