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Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash — South Cooks Bridge at Bennetts Mills Road; Followed By High Speed Crash on County Line Road

An 84 year-old female driver of a Toyota Camry was pronounced dead at Kimball Hospital this afternoon following a 2:06 p.m. crash at South Cooks Bridge and Bennetts Mills Road.  The Camry was struck by a JCP&L crane truck towing a trailer that had the green light according to Jackson Police.  The woman was heavily entrapped in the car which was struck broadside at the “A” and “B” posts with heavy intrusion into the interior from the passenger side.  She was not wearing a seat belt and sustained multiple serious injuries from the impact. The driver of the JCP&L truck was not injured.

Responding fire fighters from Jackson Stations 54, 55 and 57 arrived on the scene within minutes with Assistant Chief Mike Waters as incident command, and the crews conducted rapid extrication and assisted Quality EMS and Mon-Oc paramedics at the scene.  Crews from 5504, Engines 5421 and 5511 utilized numerous hydraulic rescue tools, secured the vehicle and also stretched a 1 3/4″ hand line as a precaution.

New Jersey State Police and Jackson Police Department conducted an extensive crash investigation lasting several hours.  Stations 54, 55 and 57 were all cleared from the scene at 2:56 p.m.

A link to an Asbury Park Press story is as follows: http://www.app.com/article/20120417/NJNEWS/304170068/Woman-killed-Jackson-crash

Just as units cleared the Bennetts Mills crash, at 2:51 p.m. Jackson Stations 55 and 57 were dispatched to a one car crash on County Line Road at Steuben Lane.  A driver of a Mustang Cobra lost control of his car and crossed over a median and three lanes of traffic at high speed, striking a telephone pole with the rear of the vehicle.  The force of the crash was sufficient that parts of the car were strewn across the travel lanes of the road, front yard of a dentist’s office and into an adjacent parking lot.  The driver was not injured.

The crew of Engine 5511 secured the vehicle as well as assisting in shutting off power to a well-head pump sheared off by the car in front of the dentists office.

The Jackson Police Department is handling the investigation.  Crews cleared from that scene at 3:26 p.m.

Extrication Assignment on Bennetts Mills Road at County Line Road

Just prior to 5 p.m. on Sunday afternoon August 1, Station 55 and 54 were dispatched to a vehicle accident with entrapment on Bennetts Millls Road at County Line Road. Upon arrival, Chief Mike Fatovic 5500 established Command and instructed Rescue 5503 and Engine 5511, assisted by Ladder 5405 and Chief Ray Tremer to remove the roof of a new Honda Prius involved in a 2-car motor vehicle crash. Assistant Chief Tim Carson 5510 was the Operations Chief. Removal of the roof was required to free the driver who was pinned in the vehicle. Quality Medical, Jackson First Aid Squad and Jackson Police all were on the scene.

The various crews each performed their tasks quickly to cut the car and remove the roof. The driver was packaged and placed on a backboard and extricated. He was transported to the hospital by Quality Medical for treatment of his injuries. County Line Road eastbound lanes were closed for about 30 minutes for the extrication and police investigation. All fire crews took up at 5:40 p.m.

A Busy October Saturday for Station 55

Station 55 had a busy rainy Saturday on October 25 handling five calls, the worst being a three-vehicle accident with 2 trapped on North Hope Chapel.  Stations 55 and 57 were dispatched by Ocean County Fire at 20:09 hours for the multiple-vehicle MVA.  Jackson PD and Jackson First Aid were already on scene when Whitesville Captain Dave Johnson 5720 arrived on location and advised that he had two people pinned in one vehicle, with two other cars involved. Rescue Pumper 5701, Ladder 5705 responded, followed by Chief Smith 5500, Assistant Chief Scott Rauch 5710,  Rescue 5503 and Engine 5511.  Station 57 and 55 crews used numerous hydraulic rescue tools to extricate the rear seat passenger who was heavily pinned and seriously injured, as well as the front passenger who was instantly fatally injured and pinned in the accident itself.

During the North New Hope Chapel job, Station 55 was dispatched to two other calls with Station 54 with Station 56 included on the upgraded response via orders from 5400 on the scene for smoke in the building at the Holman School at 21:57 hours.  Following investigation of the source, 55, 54 and 56 crews determined the cause was a burnt-out motor in a heating unit.

Earlier in the day during the late afternoon, Stations 55 and 54 were dispatched for an MVA car vs. pole on North New Prospect Road near Andover Road.  In that accident, Engineer Kevin McGinn arrived on the scene and reported a pole split in half but with no power lines down nor need for extrication.  Engine 5521 stood by on the scene while the car was removed from the roadway.

Extrication Assignment on Farmingdale Road on a two-day old Lexus

At 21:34 hours on Sunday, March 2 Stations 54 and 55 were dispatched to an overturned with extrication in front of 901 Farmingdale Road.  Upon arrival, Chief 5400 advised that a vehicle was upright, off the road and in the front yard of a house, with an occupant that required extrication.  Rescue 5503 with Captain Carson 5520 and Engine 5521 responded to the scene.  Chief Smith 5500 further advised that Station 54 could recall, as the assignment could be handled with the Rescue and one Engine.

According to the Asbury Park Press, the 2008 Lexus was two days old, driven by a Jackson resident that was returning from the Belmar St. Patricks Day Parade.  5503’s crew assisted by 5521’s crew used the Hurst Tool hydraulic spreaders and cutters to remove the driver’s side door to assist EMS in extrication of the driver. The vehicle was totaled, and the driver was charged by Jackson Police Department with two offenses.

Station 55 cleared the scene within approximately 40 minutes of arrival.

Two Vehicle Extrication Assignments at MVA on East Veterans Highway

At 0903 hours on Saturday December 22 Stations 55 and 57 were dispatched to a motor vehicle accident (MVA) on East Veterans Highway and Whitesville Road for a possible extrication.  On Arrival, Chief 5700 Dan Bradley reported that he had two persons trapped in two different vehicles as a result of the MVA.  Engine 5711 and Engine/Tanker 5708 arrived on the scene and began extrication on one vehicle, and asked next arriving Engine 5511 to assist their crew while Rescue 5503 and Engine 5521 were assigned to the other car.

Chief 5510 Mike Fatovic arrived on location and assisted in directing crews on the second car while 5700 directed the other.  Station 57 and 5511’s crew removed the roof and side doors of vehicle 1 while the other crew from Station 55 directed by Captain 5520 Tim Carson removed the drivers side front and rear doors to again access to the patient of vehicle 2.

In all, a total of six hydraulic spreader, cutting and ram rescue tools were in service simultaneously at the scene to enable extrication of both patients.  Once removed from the cars, two Mon-Oc ambulances transported the patients to the hospital.  The cause of the accident is under investigation by the Jackson Police Department.