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2010 Company Officers Installed, 2009 Firefighter of the Year Announced

A new slate of fire and administrative officers were installed for the year 2010 at the annual Company banquet held on Saturday, January 23, 2010.  In addition, the following announcements were made:

Firefighter of the Year 2009: FF Jody Somers

Firefighter Challenge 2009 Winners:
FF James Loiacono; FF Matt Maguire; FF Jody Somers

Firematic and Executive Officers of 2010

Chief of Department Michael Fatovic 5500
Chief Kenneth Byrnes 18300
Assistant Chief Tim Carson 5510
Captain Michael Waters 5520
Lieutenant L. Hank Muller 5530
Lieutenant Kevin McGinn 5540
Lieutenant Chris Fagan 5550
Lieutenant Matt Baader 5560
Engineer Michael DeMitchik
Safety Officer John Hussey 5570
President John Hussey
Vice President Chris Fagan
Secretary Scott Jordan
Assistant Secretary Jody Somers
Treasurer Nicholas Prioli
Good and Welfare Ivon LaBoy

Firefighter of the Year: Ivon LaBoy

Congratulations to Ivon LaBoy for winning the Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company Number 1 2008 Firefighter of the Year. Ivon has displayed true passion and dedication to Station 55 ever since becoming a member. Ivon has always displayed selfless acts of courage and leadership throughout our department, and is never one to accept the spotlight or seek reward for the hard work he always puts in.

Congratulations Ivon for everything you have done to earn this award. You symbolize the true meaning of a volunteer firefighter.

2008 Company Officers Installed, Firefighter of the Year Announcement

On Saturday night January 6, 2008, the Administrative and Firematic Officers for Jackson Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 were installed at the annual Company dinner.

The following members were sworn in for the year 2008:


President — Tim Carson
Vice President — John Hussey
Treasurer — Nick Prioli
Secretary — Mike Waters


Chief 5500 — Charles “Chip” Smith
Assistant Chief 5510 — Mike Fatovic
Captain 5520 — Tim Carson
1st Lieutenant 5530 — Matt Baader
2nd Lieutenant 5540 — Mike Waters
2nd Lieutenant 5550 — George Bergner

Firefighter of the Year for 2007 — Louis H. “Hank” Muller

Congratulations and best of luck to everyone.