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A Busy October Saturday for Station 55

Station 55 had a busy rainy Saturday on October 25 handling five calls, the worst being a three-vehicle accident with 2 trapped on North Hope Chapel.  Stations 55 and 57 were dispatched by Ocean County Fire at 20:09 hours for the multiple-vehicle MVA.  Jackson PD and Jackson First Aid were already on scene when Whitesville Captain Dave Johnson 5720 arrived on location and advised that he had two people pinned in one vehicle, with two other cars involved. Rescue Pumper 5701, Ladder 5705 responded, followed by Chief Smith 5500, Assistant Chief Scott Rauch 5710,  Rescue 5503 and Engine 5511.  Station 57 and 55 crews used numerous hydraulic rescue tools to extricate the rear seat passenger who was heavily pinned and seriously injured, as well as the front passenger who was instantly fatally injured and pinned in the accident itself.

During the North New Hope Chapel job, Station 55 was dispatched to two other calls with Station 54 with Station 56 included on the upgraded response via orders from 5400 on the scene for smoke in the building at the Holman School at 21:57 hours.  Following investigation of the source, 55, 54 and 56 crews determined the cause was a burnt-out motor in a heating unit.

Earlier in the day during the late afternoon, Stations 55 and 54 were dispatched for an MVA car vs. pole on North New Prospect Road near Andover Road.  In that accident, Engineer Kevin McGinn arrived on the scene and reported a pole split in half but with no power lines down nor need for extrication.  Engine 5521 stood by on the scene while the car was removed from the roadway.