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No Injuries in Jackson Condo Fire

Published in the Asbury Park Press March 1st, 2014:

Firefighters were able to contain a first-floor fire at a two-story, wood-frame condominium in Jackson early Saturday afternoon.

The fire occurred at 404 Owls Nest Court in the 60 Acres community at 2:06 p.m. Two homeowners, whose names were not released, were in the laundry room when the fire broke out, but immediately were able to escape, Jackson Station 55 Fire Chief Michael R. Waters said. There were no injuries reported.

The condominium suffered moderate fire damage and significant smoke damage, and the homeowners will not be able to occupy the residence. The fire is under investigation by the Ocean County Fire Marshall’s office.

Fire companies responding included Jackson Station 55, Jackson Mills Station 54 and Whitesville Fire Company Station 57, with Southard Fire Department providing coverage for the Jackson stations.

“The initial arriving fire crew did an outstanding job knocking down the fire very quickly,” Waters said. “Because of the aggressive knockdown of the fire, it was prevented from spreading to the second floor.”

The original article can be found on the Asbury Park Press website here.

Stove Top Fire Damages Gomberg Avenue Home

Stove Top Fire Damages Kitchen of Gomberg Avenue Home

A Gomberg Avenue home was damaged by a fire that started on a stove top range on Wednesday evening, May 25, 2011.  Firefighters from the Jackson Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 Station 55 were in the process of a training drill at the main fire station less than one mile from the home when the fire occurred.  Station 55 fire crews quickly picked up from the drill and responded to the fire.  As per standard protocol for a structure fire in the township, two fire companies were dispatched, in this case Station 55 and the Jackson Mills Fire Company Station 54.  Chief Timothy J. Carson 5500 and Assistant Chief Mike Waters 5510 were the first to arrive.  Fire Command was established and Engine 5541, Engine 5521, and Rescue 5503 were on the scene in minutes. Jackson Mills Engine 5411 stood by at the nearby hydrant position for water supply if needed.

The fire was confined to the stove, an overhead range vent/fan unit, and the adjacent kitchen cabinets.  Firefighters from Stations 55 and 54 checked the entire kitchen for fire extension and any other heat damage.  Fire crews remained on the scene for about 30 minutes clearing the home of the smoke and also carbon monoxide which is produced by fires.

Jackson Mills Fire Official John Burmeister 18407 responded to the scene for the fire investigation.  The Jackson First Aid Squad and Jackson Police Department also responded.  There were no injuries.

Jackson Fire Caused by Lightning — Westlake Home Suffers Substantial Damage

Firefighters Advance Hose Lines Into Structure -- Photo Courtesy Dave Weiskopf

A wind-driven, two-alarm fire caused by lightning resulted in substantial damage to a two-story Merion Lane home located in the Westlake section of Jackson late Saturday night, April 16.  Two houses located immediately next to the home struck received minor damage from the adjacent fire.  The fire occurred as a strong storm brought heavy rain and numerous lightning strikes to the area.  There were no injuries sustained to firefighters or residents during the incident.

Firefighters from Jackson Fire Company Station 55 responded to the fire just prior to eleven o’clock p.m. Chief Timothy J. Carson reported on his arrival that the fire was through the roof, requesting a second alarm.  Firefighters searched the home immediately after arriving to make certain that everyone was safely evacuated and began an aggressive hose-line attack to limit the damage.   Assistance was provided by the Whitesville Fire Company Station 57, Jackson Mills Fire Company Station 54 and Cassville Station 56, and the Howell Township Freewood Acres Fire Company.  “We had an extensive volume of fire from the original house, with a serious fire exposure problem which was a real challenge due to high winds.  And, due to the fire department’s rapid application of a large volume of water, the heavy fire condition was knocked down quickly, and other than melted vinyl siding, there was no structural damage to the homes next door” stated Chief Carson.   Stand-by coverage for the Jackson stations during the fire was provided by the Howell Township Southard and Lakewood Fire Departments.

The Jackson First Aid, Jackson Police Department, Jackson Fire District 3 Fire Official and Ocean County Fire Marshal’s Office also responded to the scene.

Quick Knockdown on Azalea Circle Structure Fire

Stations 54, 55 and 57 were dispatched to a possible structure fire on Azalea Circle in the Sixty Acres section early on the evening of November 2.  First arriving Station 54 Chief Ray Tremer and Station 57 Chief Scott Rauch and other responding crews found smoke showing from the structure and after opening up, located an active fire inside a void space above the ceiling of the first floor bathroom.

Ladder / Tower 55’s crew consisting of Lt. Kevin McGinn, Past Chief Rick Masker, Past Chief Chip Smith, Engineer Jack Siedler after performing truck work also stretched an 1 3/4″ line inside and knocked the fire.  55’s crews were assisted by Station 54 and 57.  Due to the fact that the homeowner smelled smoke and called right away, and the quick work of the crews on the scene, the damage was mainly limited to the bathroom area.  The first floor of the home suffered smoke damage, as well as the second floor and adjacent property.  The Ocean County Fire Marshals office is investigating the cause of the fire.  All crews were up and available just after 8 p.m.

Vacant House Fire on Butterfly Road

A vacant Butterfly Road residence was destroyed by fire Monday night after the first responding police officers found the building engulfed in flames.

Police officers Richard Bosley and Mitchell Kafton arrived at 126 Butterfly Road around 10:55 p.m. Monday to find the top floor of a two-story home ablaze, according to Capt. David Newman.

The Jackson Mills Fire Company, Jackson Fire Station 55 and Cassville Fire Company all responded.

Renters had moved out of the residence over the weekend, and the home was unoccupied at the time of the blaze, Newman said.

Ocean County Fire Marshal William Gee, Investigator Dave Petracca of the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office and township police Detective Scott Conover are investigating, Newman said.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call police at 732-928-1111.

Source: Asbury Park Press

Juniper Lane Structure Fire

A two-story single family home on Juniper Lane — recently vacated through a foreclosure according to papers at the scene — was fully engulfed in flames when firefighters from the Jackson Volunteer Fire Co. No. 1 Station 55 arrived on scene just after 1:20 a.m. Friday, June 4. “The fire was coming through the roof when the first engine arrived” according to Company Chief Mike Fatovic, 5500. “Once we confirmed that no one was inside the structure, our priority shifted to containing the fire, protecting nearby homes, and preventing any injuries – and fortunately there were none” Fatovic added.

Firefighters took quick action to suppress the fire however it was substantially destroyed in a matter of minutes due to the headway made prior to notification of the fire. Station 55 was assisted by the Jackson Mills Fire Company Station 54, Whitesville Fire Company Station 57, and the Freewood Acres Fire Company Station 19-5 from Howell Township. The Jackson Fire Aid Squad and Jackson Police Department also were on the scene.

The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Ocean County Fire Marshal’s Office and the Jackson Police Department.

May Electrical Storm Brings a Busy Night of Work for Station 55

Just as a fierce electrical storm was making its away across the area on Friday May 14, Station 55 and Whitesville Station 57 were dispatched at 19:51 hours for a lightning strike, possible structure fire at 5C Botanical Way in the Pleasant Gardens section. The Jackson Fire Aid Squad arrived on scene and reported that there was a fire at that address. It seems the residents had been enjoying dinner at home just as the lightning strike hit a nearby tree and the structure, apparently igniting a fire in the attic of that address.

Chief 5700 Scott Rauch arrived on location, established Incident Command and reported a working fire in a single family attached structure, that the residents had exited the building, and to fill out the response assignment. Tim Carson Chief 5510 and Mike Fatovic Chief 5500 arrived on scene, with 5510 taking over Operations, and 5500 responding to other calls in the districts. Ladder 5705 and Tanker/Engine 5708 arrived, raising the aerial to the roof and placing two handlines in service, followed by the crews from Engine 5521 and 5511. Station 55 assisted by performing the truck work ventilating the roof.

Due to the quick attack by the crews from Station 57, the fire was knocked down in about 15 minutes, however there was significant charging of smoke in the attic and first floor. Damage to the attic was substantial, and salvage and overhaul operations were fairly extensive as the contents of the attic had to be carefully removed to the outside of the structure. The original fire structure had smoke and water damage, and was declared untenable by the Jackson Township Building Department. The attached dwellings to either side of the fire building had smoke but no other damage. The homeowner of 5C suffered minor burns, and one other household resident had some smoke inhalation. Both were treated at the scene by Jackson First Aid and neither required transport. The fire scene was turned over to the Ocean County Fire Marshal’s Office and the Jackson Police Department.

Meanwhile, as the structure fire was underway, Chief Fatovic and the rest of Station 55 personnel and apparatus were busy responding to a dozen other calls that included fire alarms, CO detectors, a transformer fire, downed power lines, and one other reported structure fire. At the end of the storm and related activity around midnight, the crews looked forward to a quiet remainder of the night.

Stations 54 and 55 extinguish House Under Construction Fire

At 0146 hours on Friday, March 19, 2010 Stations 54 and 55 were dispatched by Ocean County Fire for a possible structure fire off Eltone Road at Lenox. Minutes later, Chief Mike Fatovic 5500 was on scene and reported a structure under construction fully involved. Engine 5521 arrived first due under the command of Captain Mike Waters with its crew pulling 2 1/2″ and 2″ lines. Engine 5411 arrived next, and fed 5521 with a 5″ supply line. Assistant Chief 5410 then arrived to take over command. Engine 5511 led by Lt. Chris Fagan with Lt. Matt Baader as pump operator then provided the water supply pumping from a nearby hydrant. Ladder 5505 and crew was also on the scene.

Crews from 54 and 55 made quick work of the fire, with no extension. The house was a total loss, and there were no injuries. District 4 fire official and Ocean County Fire Marshals are investigating the cause of the fire.

Station 55 on All-Hands Structure Fire on West Pleasant Grove Road

Station 55 was dispatched at 0615 hours as mutual aid with Stations 54, 56 and 57 to a working structure fire at 26 West Pleasant Grove Road on Saturday, February 13, 2010. First-in Engine 5611 was positioned at the end of a long driveway nearest the house with a 5″ supply line laid back to the road for tanker water supply operations due to the lack of fire hydrants on the road. Multiple 1.75″ and 2.5″ hand-lines were used to fight the fire.

The fire, which caused extensive damage to the two-story home, was mainly an exterior operation due to the extensive interior fire involvement. Tower Ladder 5505 and Engine 5521’s crews assisted with multiple hand-line deployment, laddering and ventilation operations. Firefighters battled cold weather and resultant freezing conditions during the fire. Rescue 5503 was also on location assisting with breathing air bottle refilling and as a warm-up rehab resource for the crews from all stations on location.

Monmouth County Freehold Independent Fire Company Station 16 and Freewood Acres Fire Company Station 19-5 stood by at stations 54 and 55 respectively during the fire. Quality EMS provided medical services and Howell First Aid provided rehab. One firefighter from Station 55 suffered a sprained knee, and one firefighter from Station 54 slipped off an ice-covered ladder but was unhurt. Jackson Police and the Ocean County Fire Marshals Office are handling the fire investigation.

Fully Involved Large 3-Bay Garage Structure in Jackson

Firefighters from Jackson Vol. Fire Co. No.1 Station 55 and Whitesville Station 57 had just wrapped up a joint drill on Monday, October 19 when at 2216 hours they were dispatched to a “possible structure fire” on Brewers Bridge Road in Jackson.  Whitesville Assistant Chief Dan Bradley arrived on the scene within approximately two minutes and reported a 2 story 3-bay detached garage with fire through the roof.

Radiant heat was melting the siding on the nearby main residence as well as a neighboring residence.  Whitesville Ladder 5705 was first-due and proceeded down a long nearby driveway to approach the fire building, with Engine 5701 and Engine 5521 connecting to nearby hydrants, laying in 5″ supply lines.  An aerial master stream from Ladder 5705 along with several 2 1/1″ and 1 3/4″ hand-lines from Engine 5701 were utilized.  Firefighting crews dealt with a stubborn void space fire created from the partial collapse of the roof into the second floor. The garage housed a shop, two motorcycles, a large arc welding unit, as well as a substantial amount of other contractor materials stored inside the structure.  Jackson Engines 5511 and 5531, Rescue 5503, Ladder 5505 and Engine 5711 also responded to the scene.  Jackson Station 56 Cassville Fire Company responded and served as the RIT. The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Ocean County Fire Marshals Office and the Jackson Township Police Department.